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Abtectcell III™ 0.8% RhD Negative

Abtectcell III™ 0.8% RhD Negative Screening Cells

Reagent Red Blood Cells

Immulab Abtectcell™ III 0.8% is a three-cell Group O RhD negative red cell panel for use in detecting unexpected alloantibodies other than anti-D.


Abtectcell™ III 0.8% RhD Negative Screening  Cells are used for routine antibody screening of patient and donor samples to detect unexpected red cell alloantibodies. This reagent is validated for direct addition into BioVue™ and DiaMed™

At present, this product is available to Australian customers only.

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3 x 5mL
Abtectcell III™ 0.8% RhD Negative


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