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Phenocell™ 3% B

Phenocell™ 3% B

Reagent Red Blood Cells

Immulab Phenocell™ 3% B is an 11-cell Group O red cell panel for use in identification of unexpected alloantibodies. It includes an ‘RhD Negative Screening Cell Subset’ for the detection of alloimmune antibodies other than anti-D.


Phenocell™ 3% B antibody identification Reagent Red Blood Cells (RRBCs) are used for antibody identification in patient and donor samples. This reagent is validated for use by tube technique, as well as being suitable for use with BioVue™ CAT system.

At present, this product is available to Australian customers only.

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11 x 5mL
Phenocell™ 3% B


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